Tasting the Powers of a Future Existence




If this doesn’t pour liquid spiritual magma into the very substance of your faith, nothing will.  If this premise cannot put an ability within you to ask robust and awkward questions of life and of God on those issues that generally crush people, it can only mean that you have a literacy problem. Perhaps you need to learn English as a second language.

What we are negotiating here is calculated to rewire the hardware of your heart and soul to take you where you have never been before, as well as reprogram your hearts software by placing your entire body of “understanding” data onto a brand  new operating system.  It is seriously translating you from a Sinclair C5 play car into a Lamborghini Testarossa. It is an upgrading of your mental processes with a cosmic turbo drive. It’s a foundational vertebrae creating truth.

They say it takes more fuel to get a NASA space craft off the launch pad and out of earth’s atmosphere than it does to take it to the moon and back again. Believe me my reader, this premise is the fuel that takes you leaping out of an “earthly” natural Christian experience and gets you chewing on stuff you never thought you could handle. Stuff like this rockets you into the positive visionary expectation that is in your very DNA since you came to faith.

It’s that man Paul again! He was writing to a pastor on the Isle of Crete, of all places. He introduced himself in the introduction of a letter as being, “In hope of eternal life, which God, that cannot lie, promised before the world began.” (Titus 1:2. The bold face and italics are clearly the result of my excitement.)

The claim is huge! It is self evidently a necessary statement for a gospel preacher to make. Why? The world is full of liars. Psalm 12:2 tells us plainly that “All men lie.” This makes it difficult to get our 18 ounces of grey matter (it might even be a little less in my case) around the fact that it is impossible for God to lie, especially when He has made hundreds upon hundreds of extravagantly lavish promises to mankind. That means when he promises something that seems “too good to be true,” be at peace; it is true! He does not overstate, understate or exaggerate. He doesn’t give us hype. He does not even send lights in the sky or angels with flapping wings that would cause us to lose a grip of our earthly reality when he delivers His promises to us. He sends human beings who, when explaining about the God who cannot lie, bring into manifestation the promises of God. He promised this! As if God was too excited to keep the secret to Himself, He blurted out the promises of salvation before the world was created or time had begun. Stand on this premise! Boast of it! Own it! Hold it tight to your breast. God has promised glory to those that believe.

From the conceptual to the concrete! From the future to the present! From the invisible to the visible! God promises things that are all available to faith. Start believing the God that cannot lie.




“Ich bin der Herr dein Arzt.” These words are so exciting don’t you think? It is a promise of incredible significance.

No! I am not speaking in tongues. These are the very words used by Martin Luther while he was secreted in the Wartburg Castle in Germany where he translated one of God’s great promises to Moses and Israel from the ancient Hebrew into what was, for him, modern German.  Directly translated from German into English it reads; “I am the Lord your Doctor” (Exodus 15:26). Most English translations have “I am the Lord your Healer.”

This is where the rubber hits the road for most Christians. This is where a person’s invisible faith, takes hold of the invisible God, and believes for a visible manifestation before the physical eyes. To do this the whole concept of “religion,” “spirituality,” “faith,” or even “God” Himself has to undergo a seismic paradigm shift in the mind of most Christians that is so huge it makes even the explosion at Krakatoa seem like a small one penny “banger.” (For the uninitiated that is the cheapest of all fireworks. I don’t think they make them today. “Health and Safety and all that!) This is where the so called western mindset starts to show its evil malignancy. This is where western societies impact on the Christian’s belief system comes out from its hiding place and spits its toxic venom on both Christian and unbeliever alike. This is where nice pleasant gentlemanly “If Christianity is your thing then it’s alright for you!” conversationalist turns into “You are a danger to society!” stance.  This is the challenge to bring God out of the vague ephemeral gentle mist, into the hard, concrete, visible confrontational reality. Jesus Christ IS your Healer Doctor.”

The promise of healing is a straightforward “in yer face” promise of miraculous intervention. Healed from a headache? We rejoice! Healings from invisible sicknesses that result in invisible healings are to be welcomed and never belittled. But for those things that are visible and plainly irreversible apart from divine intrusion we are deeply challenged.

God help us to see Him as He is and believe His promises simply for what they literally are, i.e. Rock solid certainties.


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