The Stored Word the Imparted Spirit and the Children’s Children


“I have stored up your word in my heart that I might not sin against you” (Psalm 119:11). That word must have some kind of supernatural power! Of course it does! When God speaks it comes from His heart. No chit chat with Him. No “treading water” to pass the time of day when He comes to talk. And because of who He is and what He is, when He speaks there is power contained in those words. God said, “Let there be light.” The following text simply says, “and there was light.”

“But,” you will say, “That is God talking, not me!” I’m glad you noticed. But when His word is in your heart and mouth, what was His becomes yours, and when those words are spoken it has the same inherent power as they do when He speaks. God, in the person of Christ, simply said to a fig tree, “Let no man eat of you again.” Simple! It was heard and duly noted by the disciples who were with Him. But the next day when Jesus and the disciples passed the same tree it had withered clearly from the roots upward and had perished. Jesus seems to have been astonished that they were astonished. He doesn’t actually say this, but whenever I read it I get the impression that Jesus is sort of saying, “Don’t you know me fellah’s? If I say it, it happens!” And then He astonishes them even more, stretching their credulity that is only made real because it was Messiah Himself that was talking.

“Verily, I say to you, whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be removed and be cast into the sea and shall not doubt, but shall believe in his heart that whatsoever he says shall come to pass, he shall have whatsoever he says.” Wow! If they had medics in those days the disciples would have needed one at that moment. Not only did Jesus “only” curse a “mere” fig tree without a fuss, but He now informs the twelve that if they were to utilise the same parameters of functioning in the word as He had, then these faltering disciples could do the same thing with a mountain. The words were probably spoken whilst looking at Olivet.

The secret is to have God’s word hidden and stored in one’s heart. Once the word is engrafted into a person’s psyche there is power simmering with the proper usage in terms of what it was sent for. Hide the word; live the word; mutter the word; speak the word; believe the word. It’s the mightiest weapon for good on the planet.


A work entitled “Promise”


But what about my children? What about my Grandchildren? Did God ever give me a promise to fight with for their sakes? Give me a word that I can meditate on and pray with for their sake! Can God intervene here?

Ever read Isaiah 59:21.

It’s a covenant verse. That means God is expressing Himself in a manner that adds great force to His statement. He addresses the parents, and even covers them for when they become Grandparents. The Spirit which God has put on those senior people within the family, and the words that He has put in their hearts and minds to live by will not depart from their mouth, nor the mouths of their children and grandchildren, from this time forth and forever.

This is how God deals with His own people. Read the context. Every promise that God ever made is “Yes” and “Amen!” in Jesus Christ. And this is a promise so vital to the twenty-first century and broken families and the ensueing broken hearts.

The only precursor to this wonderful thing taking place on a life cycle of blessing and increase is that the senior parents are walking in the grace of God beforehand. In the plainest of language, if the Holy Spirit and the word of God are not on the parents now, there is no legacy promised to be passed on to their offspring for the next two generations. The parents have to first have the word and the Spirit engrafted and abiding in their daily lives for this heavenly phenomena to take place in the lives of their children and grandchildren.

As said in an earlier premise, even if God makes a statement of intended action towards us, whether or not he says, “I promise,” or “I swear to…” or “I covenant,” is wonderful but irrelevant. God cannot lie, and so even if He simply says, “I will do this for you,” it is as solid and as rocklike of the most solemn oath or covenant. However, here in Isaiah 59:21 He informs us as to how serious and solemn he intends His words to be. “This is my covenant,” He says.

God’s promises are for waging warfare in the Spirit. God’s promises are to be received, believed, engrafted and used as a battering ram or some other concept of a weapon of violence in the invisible world.

“Father in Heaven. You made this incredible covenant spoken in Isaiah 59:21. I seek this reality to sit upon the lives of my children and my grandchildren. I ask for your divine interaction with them, and ask you to cause the Spirit of God and the Word of God to rest mightily on their bundle of life. I ask these things in the Mighty name of Jesus Christ.”


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