Thoughts on Life


Thoughts on Life

The word needs to be preached by those that God sends. Whenever it is fully preached and expressed it produces faith in those that hear the word of God. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the word of God. This word  effectually works in those that believe. When the word is believed it produces all sorts of things that benefit the person believing, and has a ripple effect on the bundle of life of the believer, including other friends and family etc.


These simple facts, and this simple string of logical thoughts suggests that the word of God is possibly the most important thing we could ever engage with in our lives. The Word of God is all about Jesus Christ. Everything about Jesus Christ goes beyond the grave. The word of God engages with us in this life as well as the next. Every true word of God is Spirit and life. Jesus Christ Himself said “My words are spirit and life.” The flesh profits little. The lusts of the flesh (and the term lusts here goes far beyond sexual issues) war against the soul and interfere with our hearing of the word in the same way that a clanging symbol interferes with a person attempting to focus on some gentle soothing music. Every word of God is full of life, power and authority, despite the weaknesses of the person delivering that word.

One of God’s characteristics is that He will do nothing apart from His Word. God’s word reflects God’s character. God’s word is a tangible blessing to all those that attend to it and engage with it. Jesus said, “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word that proceeds out of the mouth of God” (Matthew 4:4). Animals, and or people may be carnivore or herbivore, but God Almighty declares that we are all Verbivores. It is the way God has made us. We live off the words that proceed out of the mouth of God …or we should do! The Word of God is thought nourishing food for our souls. Our mind is the stomach part of our soul and God’s word needs to be thought through and chewed on just as a cow chews the cud.  Job said, “I have esteemed the words of His mouth more than my necessary food” (Job 23:12).

God’s word combats and defeats fear, inferiority complex, sickness, guilt, condemnation and all other negative or sinful feelings, urges and practices. Just as the devil seeks to steal, kill and destroy, God and His word seeks to give life, create life with energy, and to build and edify. Never confuse these two.

Everybody’s words reflect their character. Begin to believe God’s word and actively expect it the effectively work in your life. It will bring freedom, and set you on the road to spiritual maturity. Freedom is something a Christian believer can step into immediately. Spiritual maturity comes with exercise and use of the spiritual faculties that God has given us which over time becomes a solid and dependable lifestyle and experience. Maturity comes with growth. A Christian needs to be focussed and pro-active on serious freedom in Christ, i.e. freedom from sin, life long habits, overriding strongholds and even some of the nastiness we inherit from our blood-line. The pro-active person that consistently and constantly pursues unbroken freedom and a never broken relationship with Christ will mature quite “naturally.”

There are Christians in freedom, and then there are Christians who are living in defeat and bondage. There is freedom and bondage that we are conscious of, and then there are aspects of freedom, or bondage that we may not be conscious of. This writer has been walking with Christ since the late 1960’s and has fallen when deep seated characteristics were manifested that I knew nothing of until they were exposed to certain triggers. Oh! What a traumatic experience it was to discover that my spiritual health was not what I honestly and realistically considered it to be. The righteous life comes from Christ. Christ should be given full reign in every department of our lives, thoughts and deeds.


Weakness of character needs to be submitted to and surrendered to God. My painful experience of self and with many others is that we are living in cloud cuckoo land when it comes to self awareness. This is where the concept of church, friendships, brotherhood and intimacy of confession with trusted people comes into its own. Friendships that are built in openness lead to friendships that can point out both strengths and weaknesses. Godly friends that are true, consistent and trustworthy (and how rare are they!) can be relied upon to correct, warn, and or nouthetically confront. There is an incredible solid rock of safety in straight talking Godly fellowship.

Freedom from sickness, sin, and negative thought patterns comes from knowing the truth. To know the truth is to know Jesus Christ. If we love Him we will love the brothers. Brotherhood in Christ is solid and life directing. I am not talking of human domination at all. I am talking of submission to the authority of Christ, and being dominated by the truth. There is deep, deeper and deepest even in matters of the truth. Too many Christians live in the shallow waters of truth and refuse to go further. They dwell forever on what we have in Christ and go no further. Understand me! We need to dwell on what we have in Christ. And we need to dwell on it forever. But we also need to hunger and search for more and allow God’s word to challenge us in issues of character, our likes, dislikes, our inward propensities in matters of relationship with authority that is over us or beneath us, male or female, vulnerable or dominant.


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