Oh yeh! What’s this all about?

Even in purely human relationships there are promises made. All promises made have a basic premise that prompts actions made by the prospective Promiser to fulfil any promise that is to be made , and there are premises also that cause the Promisee to expect the fulfilment of the promise received.  Such promises made in the context of love, affection and commitment can often determine the entire length, breadth, height and depth of a relationship. These premises and promises when made and kept form the most solid bond to any relationship of any nature.

The premises of the Promiser  give conception and birth to the promise. Promises made without a solid premise cannot always be trusted.

A promise once given with the premise of the Promiser understood by the Promisee will engender deep premises of commitment and reciprocal promises.

As with man to woman and woman to man, so it is with God to man. It is God that initiates His actions by His love towards us. His love  is the premise of the promises He makes.

God condescends to dialogue with us. “I love you so much” (premise). “Because of that love I want to save you” (promise).  “By believing the promises I make to you, you can actual become a part of my nature and kingdom” (premise). “Therefore I promise to be with you in a tangible and practical way always” (promise).

Rugged use of the promises made by God as exemplified in the Bible! That is what this blog is all about. Basing one’s faith, mind and philosophy on the promises of God is more secure than the universe itself.

God never lies. God never promises under duress or with an arm twisted up his back (as if!).

As often as a new blog is added it will contain two aspects of biblical truth.  A premise to rationalise an active faith in Christ, and a promise to give substance to that faith. omise will be utterly random, but totally biblical.

The only agenda I carry is to instill in my readers the passionate belief and active faith that I personally hold with all its biblically based premises and promises.

Stick with me as we all leap into the bloody battle of life with a grenade in one hand and a building trowel in the other.  The grenade is the bomb like exploding promises of God with which we can demolish arguements that militate against us, and the trowel is the instrument that smoothes the concrete of the premise on which we stand.

Both premises and promises are vital for a faith that continually overcomes whether it be in deep water or shallow mud.

Stay with us


Keith Lannon



Keith and Amanda Lannon



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